Compliance and Training

p_complianceRecent legislation mandates that for-profit colleges must prove that their graduates are actually getting jobs in order to receive federal funding for education programs.  These new rules are known as “gainful employment” because they seek to ensure that for-profit college graduates get jobs that allow them to repay their student loans.

While many career college programs are helping to prepare America’s workforce for the jobs of the future, far too many students at these schools are taking on unsustainable debt in exchange for degrees and certificates that fail to help them get the jobs they need or were promised.  The Government Accountability Office (GAO), Congress’s investigative wing, produced gainful employment regulations to help deter and prevent, “fraudulent, deceptive or otherwise questionable marketing practices.”

Given government scrutiny and oversight, for-profit institutions must manage risk and set expectations around recruiting practices, but also prepare for risk mitigation when regulators call with suggestions of impropriety.  The Blueforce product line provides an end-to-end solution for audit and compliance and risk mitigation through real-time monitoring and archival of actual recruiting interactions during tours or other non-office interactions.

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