K9 Platform

p_k9Police dogs face unavoidable, life threatening situations every day. But, many K‐9s die needlessly from heat stroke after being left unattended in a patrol car. When it’s only 80 degrees outside, the inside of a car can heat up to more than 120 degrees in just minutes. The Pennsylvania K9 Assistance Foundation website adds that over the last five years, as many K9s have died in heat‐related incidents as have been shot in the line of duty.

Blueforce has partnered with DSI, the world leader in advanced, embedded animal telemetry sensors. A small receiver attached to the animal’s protective gear, receives internal body temperature via a DSI sensor surgically implanted in the K9. Blueforce Tactical for Android or iOS then makes this telemetry shareable amongst any and all interested parties wherever they are.

When the animal’s body temperature exceeds or falls below handler prescribed values, anyone subscribed via Blueforce to the animal will receive an instantaneous notification that the animal is entering a danger zone. Notifications include phone vibration, audible tone, or email/SMS. This powerful solution combines two world-class, battle‐tested technologies to deliver an inexpensive, rapidly fieldable, and lifesaving solution for our heroes, human and animal, working on the front lines of public safety and national security.

The Blueforce K9 Life Safety Bundle delivers an inexpensive solution for monitoring the temperature inside of police vehicles and makes that information sharable to handlers, command staff, and dispatch personnel. The bundle consists of five (5) Blueforce/Esensors AQM machine sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, and any volatile organic compound content. This sensor communicates it’s data in real‐time over any in‐car WIFI/3G/4G/LTE to Blueforce M2M Cloud Service, which then secures the data and makes it sharable amongst team members. A Blueforce Command Center for Windows client is also included in the package.

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